Why Is My Garage Door Struggling to Open?

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It may not seem like it with how fluidly they move up and down, but garage doors in Edmond, OK weigh hundreds of pounds. Thanks to the power of torsion and mechanical strength, your garage door motor and counterbalance system are able to raise and lower the door without much strife, despite its heavy weight. When one of these systems starts to fail, however, you’re going to notice issues with your door’s function.

When your door raises slowly or struggles to go up at all, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong with either the motor or the counterbalance. These problems need to be addressed quickly by a professional before they become worse and cause catastrophic problems for you and your wallet.

Motor function

The motor is responsible for pulling your garage door upwards. It doesn’t bear the full weight of the door, however—this is the function of the counterbalance. Instead, it works in tandem with the counterbalance to facilitate the movement upwards or downwards. If your motor begins to fail, it’s not able to create the momentum the door needs to move, thus putting more stress on your counterbalance system.

Usually, a dying motor makes itself apparent via the loud noise it makes during operation. In some cases, you may even see a motor give out midway through hoisting your door, which can cause it to stop dead, slacken and fall, or simply become stuck!

Counterbalance system

The chief component of your counterbalance system is the torsion spring(s). Torsion springs are wound tightly to provide enough force to bear the weight of a heavy garage door as it’s being lifted by the motor. When a torsion spring snaps or loses its stored energy, the entire weight of the door is put on the motor, which can cause the door to rise slowly or not at all. Worse, it puts extreme strain on the motor, causing it to fail quickly.

It’s easy to tell if your torsion spring has been damaged—just look above your garage door while it’s closed and locate the spring. If the spring has snapped, it’ll show. If the spring hasn’t snapped, it may have become unwound. It may be able to be re-tightened by a professional.

Working together to move your door

The garage door motor and counterbalance system work together to raise and lower your door. A door that struggles to open or that doesn’t open at all means there’s a problem with one or both of these important parts.

Don’t wait to have a struggling garage door fixed! Often, you can catch a problem before it becomes a full-blown breakdown. Waiting will only increase the chances of more problems developing or costlier problems coming to light. Catching issues early means resolving them and mitigating the chance they turn into dangerous situations—such as a door being stuck half-open.

Contact the professionals at A & M Garage Door, Co. today if your garage doors in Edmond, OK aren’t cooperating and let our techs get to the bottom of the problem. Whether it’s the motor, counterbalance system or both, we’ll deliver repairs that set everything straight once again.

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