I Lost My Garage Door Opener… Now What?

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There’s a feeling of panic when you drive up to your garage door and reach up to hit the button on your visor… only to realize it’s not there! You don’t remember the last time you took the opener out and can’t imagine where you must have put it. You search for hours, even days, only to come up empty handed. What do you do now?

The answer is to call A & M Garage Door, Co.! We might not be able to track down your long-lost garage door opener, but we can help you program a new one. In fact, we carry a huge selection of garage door openers in Edmond, OK and will be happy to help you replace the one you lost. Better still, we can make it work like you never lost the original in the first place!

Identifying the brand

The first thing to do when replacing a garage door opener is to determine the brand. The brand of door opener should match the brand of door for seamless interaction that ensures easy functionality. Matching up the brands prevents any issues with signal reception.

Once you match the brand, it comes down to figuring out the right model. Thankfully, we stock just about any type of model and are knowledgeable when it comes to outfitting your door with the corresponding opener. We’ll help you get a replacement that works perfectly with your Amarr, Chamberlain, Genie, Liftmaster or Wayne Dalton garage door!

Programming the signal

Your garage door responds to a uniquely generated signal that tells it when to function properly. This ensures someone with the same brand of door as you can’t point their clicker at your door and gain unwanted access to your garage!

Calibrating a new door opener means reading the signal that’s unique to your door and programming the opener to trigger that signal. This needs to be done by a qualified garage door expert to ensure the door and opener cooperate properly.

Fixing switches

An even bigger headache than losing a garage door opener is having an interior garage switch that doesn’t work. Typically, maintenance of these switches becomes neglected because they’re not often used. If they fail, they could go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months! If you hit your switch and nothing happens, give us a call to repair this as well.

Don’t let yourself get into a situation where you’re missing a garage door opener and stuck with an interior switch that doesn’t work! Check your interior switch at least once a week and notify the professionals at A & M Garage Door, Co. as soon as you lose your opener. We’ll come by with replacement garage door openers in Edmond, OK to help you regain control over your door and restore convenience to your daily life.

No matter the type of door you own, its programming or the brand name you’ve invested in, we’ve got a garage door opener replacement for you—contact us today to learn more!

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