Garage Door Motors and Openers in Edmond, OK

When you press the button to open your garage door and nothing happens, it’s a problem. Stalled doors can be traced back to a number of problems, but the most common are issues with openers and motors. At A & M Garage Door, Co., we’re experts on fixing these problems and come equipped with the knowledge, experience and products to get your door working smoothly once again.

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Garage Door Motors

Your door weighs several hundred pounds and lifting it is no simple task. When garage door motors in Edmond, OK are pushed to the limit and strained beyond their capacity, they can burn out. This results in mechanism failure and a non-responsive door when you press your opener’s button.

Our team can discern what caused your door’s motor to strain and remedy the problem to restore its function. From excessive strain caused by a damaged torsion spring, to lubrication problems, to electrical issues, we get to the root of door problems fast, to ensure a thorough resolution. We can provide repairs and replacements alike, using trusted parts and knowledgeable repair techniques.

Garage Door Openers

Sometimes the problem befalling a malfunctioning door isn’t mechanical, but electrical. In these situations, it usually has to do with garage door openers in Edmond, OK. Signals can become blocked, weakened, non-existent or complicated, leading to an opener and a door that just aren’t communicating correctly.

A & M Garage Door, Co. works to uncover the communication problem between your opener and your door, so you can get back to using it with the utmost convenience. We have access to a full range of OEM garage door openers and can get you a replacement quickly, to avoid lengthy downtimes or further frustration. And, if your opener needs reprogramming, trust our techs to get it done quickly.

Resolutions for Your Garage Door

Don’t sit around with a garage door that refuses to open or one that’s showing signs of impending failure! Instead, contact the professionals at A & M Garage Door, Co. to have your garage door motor or opener inspected and serviced. We’ll provide the repairs or replacements needed to keep your garage door opening and closing smoothly. Contact us today at 405-341-9000 to schedule an appointment for inspection or service!