Garage Door Springs in Edmond, OK

The torsion spring(s) located above your garage door is the most important part of the counterbalance system. This spring provides the force needed to help raise your good when it’s time to open it, and it enables a controlled descent when you lower it. Unfortunately, springs can break over time and with excess wear, leaving your door at risk of becoming nonfunctional or dangerous.

A & M Garage Door, Co. provides garage door spring repair in Edmond, OK where needed, to restore the integrity of your counterbalance system and to help facilitate smoother door function. We can identify a damaged spring, safely remove and replace it, and test your door to ensure smooth, seamless function. Best of all, we work quickly and can often restore your door’s function in the same day!

torsion spring for garage door

Counterbalance System Service

When a torsion spring snaps, it immediately impacts your entire garage door’s function. If the door it up, it could cause immediate strain on the motor, creating bigger problems. If it’s down and the spring snaps, you might not be able to get it back up when you press the button.

The solution to restoring the integrity of your garage door is first and foremost a garage door spring replacement in Edmond, OK. Once the new spring is properly in place and coiled effectively, it’ll bear the weight of the door and facilitate smooth function. From there, the rest of the counterbalance system must be inspected for safety and efficacy.

Why Do Springs Break?

Torsion springs break for a number of reasons, largely due to the sheer amount of force that’s held within them while they’re coiled. The constant rolling and unrolling of the spring are enough to break it down over time, causing it to snap and unravel. Impediments can also cause damage to the spring, such as items shoved up into your garage’s rafters. Finally, resistance in the tracks as your door opens or closes can put excess stress on the spring and induce damage.

No matter what causes your spring to snap, it’s important to let a professional remove and replace the damaged spring. Not only will a pro be able to safely facilitate this job, they’ll also be able to determine if any peripheral repairs need to be made. This leads to lower long-term garage maintenance costs and peace of mind when using your door.

Replace Your Springs

If your garage door spring is visibly damaged or you notice that the door appears to be struggling during function, it’s time to call A & M Garage Door, Co. for garage door spring service. We’ll inspect your spring and replace it if needed, to ensure your door is safe to use once again. Contact us at 405-341-9000 to schedule an appointment.